turning houses into homes

Take a look at this video to see a house into home transformation. We are helping change the #thenwhat - one family at a time.

Our Programs

WE turn houses into homes



We work on referrals from Shine and Women's Refuge to help family violence survivors rebuild their lives by furnishing their houses with love and dignity to create a home for them to start the next chapter of their lives. It is one thing to secure a place to live but without the means or the capacity to fill that house with furnishings that enable parents and their children to live a dignified life where their basic needs are met can be a major factor in keeping victims safe and having a positive impact on their sense of self worth. All of these needs are critical to feeling worthy and have  positive impact on their mental health. 

When we are reaching out to the community to support us in filling the needs of these brave people we ask that they imagine what their life would look like if they lost their home and everything in it. Imagine having no money, losing people whom you thought were friends, and often family members and being homeless. The monumental task of providing for your children on top of mental health issues place survivors in a very vulnerable situation. Work and Income New Zealand have loans that have to be paid back on some items to furnish a home. The task of sourcing second hand  or free items to fill a house is impossible with no supports or financial means to do so. We are working towards creating homes that are furnished with items that create a safe haven for families to heal, rebuild and grow from. We fill pantries, furniture, linen, home decor and more. This is an area where we need support to make this offering possible. We are looking for sponsors to help us fund a vehicle for furniture collection and delivery and a permanent storage space in the Auckland North Shore area to enable us to store the items people kindly donate to us. 

Woven Earth take referrals from Women's Refuge and Shine. We reach out to our Woven Earth community, businesses, corporate and passionate individuals to help us fill the need. Then we go to their property before they move in and transform it from a house of four walls to a safe haven - a home. 

WE offer life chances to help children


Children are often the hidden statistics in our reporting of family violence survivors. When a parent flees violence with their children they leave behind their favourite toys, their social circle and their life is tipped upside down.  Although you can never replace their lost things it can be the simple things that will make their lives happier and have huge impact on their daily life and sense of worth and belonging.  Shine and Women's Refuge identify  the needs of  the children who they are supporting. 

Being part of extracurricular activities can help connect children to new communities and feel supported in their passions, having a bike, some toys, art supplies or whatever their individual needs are that would help them rebuild their lives we will work to fill these.  

WE help with urgent needs


WE provide urgent help when needed. When people flee violence they often leave with  nothing more  than  the  clothes  on  their  backs. 

Urgent  needs  are  one  off  items that  will  help  to  ease  the  burden  of  life  immediately  after  they  leave.  These items can include food supplies, household item, or even a safe mobile phone.